A Look Inside Father Flanagan's Home

OMAHA, Neb.- Visitors are encouraged to tour the Father Flanagan home on the Boys Town Campus in Omaha.

"This was built in 1927 as a residence for Father Flanagan," Boys Town Director of Community Programs Thomas Lynch said. The Boys Town campus is located at about 144th and Dodge. It's a big year for Boys Town as the organization will celebrate its 100th anniversary on December 12th, 2017.

In honor of that, it might be worth touring the Father Flanagan home. The furnishings and displays represent about 1929 in the home. "We do Irish Christmas in the house every year, and it's decorated from the beginning of November all the way through January, because we have visitors from all over the state who want to come and see the home," Lynch said.

In the house, you can see the living room, a reception room, along with dining room, and kitchen. You can also see his bedroom and study. Beyond that you can see the desk that the boys of Boys Town made for him. The desk has 250-thousand inlaid pieces of wood. It was a Christmas present to Father Flanagan. Also in the house you can see a recreated dormitory featuring quilts made by the Boys Town Mother's Guild.

Tours are offered at Father Flanagan's home seven days a week. Just call Boys Town, or drop by the visitors center on campus for more information.