A "Superior" Attraction

The Nuckolls County Museum has a wide variety of exhibits for visitors to enjoy, including a building with an incredible collection of model airplanes.

We visited with Fred Meyers from the museum recently. He says the airplane exhibit is a donation from a farm family a few miles east of Superior. "This was put together by one single, not married, farmer. So you can imagine what he was doing in the winter time," Meyers said. "He has collected and put together every aircraft, from every country, ever produced up until about the 1990s, all in detail. As you go by the cases, you will see what country the planes are from, and they are all perfect scale models."

Meyers said the family who donated the planes not only provided the airplanes themselves, but the building where the exhibit is housed. "Pretty amazing," Meyers said. "Thousands of aircraft. Then, he went on to make model ships. We have some of those on display, as well as a airport landing strip display in the back."

But the airplane exhibit is just a part of what you can experience during a trip to the Nuckolls County Museum. "We are enjoying the work of many people who came before us," Meyers said. "We now have six buildings that people can go through. The airplane building is one. There are two main buildings out front. Then we have a large agricultural building that houses the first John Deere. We have a building dedicated to horse-drawn equipment, and we have a cabin that was once the first post office in the county. We have a church from the town of Ruskin, and we have an old schoolhouse that is fully equipped."

We asked Meyers a bit more about the John Deere tractor. "Waterloo Boy was it's own tractor company. John Deere bought it from them," Meyers said. "The year of the one we have is when they actually started to take ownership of Waterloo Boy. They got it painted green, and put the name John Deere on it." Meyers says the tractor does run. The museum also features an original Pony Express saddle covering.

As you can see, there is quite a bit to take in at the Nuckolls County Museum. It might make a good destination for you the next time you are heading to south central Nebraska.