A Visit To Prairie Point Junction

COZAD, Neb.- The Prairie Point Junction Quilt shop is a thriving business on main street in Cozad, and the business will celebrate it's 20th anniversary in September.

Julie Geiger started the business, and says she enjoys teaching people about quilting, and she says historically quilts were primarily for keeping warm. "But I think quilting has taken a resurgence. It's really become a lot more contemporary, a lot more modern, there are so many options to quilt designs. So yes, people use them, but they are decorate their houses with them as well," Julie said.

Julie says if you want to get started in quilting, it's recommended that you start small. At Prairie Point Junction, you can work on a bag or table runner, and that will help people build some foundational skills to move on to harder projects.

One of the big success stories of the Prairie Point Junction Quilt Shop is it's online presence. "We ship truly across the country, and just in the last week we've shipped to Australia, Germany and Canada," Julie said. The store has found a specific niche that appeals to people who come in the store and those who shop on-line. One niche that the store is known for is wool and wool felt. "That is a really popular trend right now," Julie said. "We have a lot of clients that purchase those products, and you wouldn't believe all the things they make out of them," Julie said.

Julie hopes that the popularity of quilting continues to grow. And, she believes that technology and social media has really helped to expand the industry.