A Visit to the Newport Pool Hall

A building that was once used as a hay weighing station, is now a center for fun and conversation.

At one time, the Newport Pool hall was a hay office, where people came in to weigh their hay before it was shipped by rail to other parts of the country. Decades ago, Newport used to be known as the hay capital of the world. As you look around town, there are other scale houses still in existence. "When I got the place, I re-did the scale, and it works," Melissa Denny said.

Denny says there was a woman who wanted to sell the building, and Denny thought she could turn it into a post office for the town. But when that didn't materialize, she still bought the building and turned it into a pool hall. And it's tiny! "I get a lot of kids from the neighboring towns who come, they just hang out here, and they do a good job of cleaning up after themselves," Denny said. The pool hall is open all the time, and anyone is welcome to come by and play a game of pool.

The Newport Pool Hall is very close to the Cowboy Trail, and so Melissa says there are many bicyclists who come by and get a snack and relax. That happens mostly during the summer. "I get a lot of people stopping to take pictures of it," Denny said.

If you are driving along highway 20, feel free to pull into Newport for a taste of history and a game of pool at the tiny Newport Pool Hall.