A center for the arts in Ord

The Golden Husk Theater is providing arts and entertainment options for residents in Valley County and beyond.

We recently caught up with Sheila Greenland of Arcadia at the theater. "I sing, I play guitar, I write songs, and I perform on weekends with a country band," Greenland said. Her daughter Charlize is also showing interest in the music business. Sheila has cut records, and worked in Nashville. But she has made a choice to live in rural Nebraska. "I've been called out for not committing to Nashville fully, but I love Nebraska, my whole family is here, and I couldn't leave that," Greenland said.

When Greenland decided to live in Nebraska to continue her music career, she worried her kids might not get enough exposure to the arts. "We thought we would have to travel to get that. Then they started doing things here at the Golden Husk," Greenland said.

Thanks to community leadership, the Golden Husk Theater is providing that arts and entertainment element for people in Valley County and Ord. Money from the Valley County Community Foundation Fund supports the theater. Sheila is one of the many acts to have performed here. Operators say the theater is giving back to the community in many ways. Recently, the world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra gave students in the area a memory they won't soon forget. "Two different high school bands in Valley County were invited to perform with them," Golden Husk Theater director Dahn Hagge said. "They actually got to open the show, and then play the finale piece with the orchestra."

Endowments from the community fund also support educational opportunities at the theater. "The community foundation provides the financial support to bring the Missoula Children's Theater here. So we are able to provide this week long residency for youth all over the region, and we are able to do that for free," Hagge said. These opportunities are key to attracting new families back to rural Nebraska.

Sheila Greenland is proud of rural Nebraska, and glad to see the arts being supported at the Golden Husk. "They are bringing in all of these different acts and culture, and I love that that's right here," Greenland said. "And, through support from local endowments, the Golden Husk theater will stay here, where artists like Shelia Greenland can share her songs for years to come.