A closer look at modern dairy production

SURPRISE, Neb.- On National Farmer's Day, we visit Tuls Dairies near Surprise.

"We are in the business of producing milk, and we run five different dairy farms in two different states," Todd Tuls said. "We are focused on producing milk that's been brought to processing plants, to be used in bottled milk and cheese production."

Farmers have always cared about their animals. Todd works hard at his dairy to put the needs of his animals first. For example, the barns where the cows reside are climate controlled. "The barns are able to keep the cows cooler in the summertime, and warmer in the wintertime. They are cooler through the use of evaporated cooling," Todd said. Fans are used to create air flow, and the cows lay on sand in their individual stalls. "Sand is the ultimate bedding for dairy cows, due to the fact that it does not harbor bacteria, and it is soft and comfortable for the cows to lay down," Todd said.

The cows are in free-stall housing, so they are free to go where they want. The cows are brought out of the barns to the milking parlor three times a day to be milked. Todd says his company recently went through the process of forming a tag line, and he says the company's tag line is "Our Passion, Your Milk". "We want people to come visit our farms and tour through one of our facilities and walk away saying 'I want to drink milk today'".

In addition to caring for his cows, Todd is also very focused on giving both time and money back to the community to help young people and his church.