A new way to explore Lincoln arrives in just two weeks with Bike LNK

Published: Mar. 22, 2018 at 10:37 PM CDT
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Bike share is finally coming to Lincoln it's been four years in the making but now it's only two weeks away.

Most of the 19 kiosks are installed but before they're up and running the company Bike LNK is taking questions and informing potential riders before they take one out for a spin.

Some people may have never used a bike share program.

"My main question was kind of where the hubs are at," said Cece Oneill from Lincoln who checked out the information night at Cycle Works.

"We have 19 kiosks throughout downtown and on campus," said Jamie Granquist a Bike LNK manager.

Oneill said she's rode a bike share bicycle in other cities but wanted to know more about how Bike LNK will work.

"Ideally I'd probably just ride it outside of Assurity like around work or just around the neighborhoods just on the trails"

That's exactly what Bike LNK allows you to do. When you get to the kiosk you choose your pass type, swipe a credit card, and then your bike will unlock.

"We have four different types of memberships. We have a 3 dollar for 30 minute ride, and then we have a 72 hours for $10. We also have a $12 monthly membership and an $80 year membership," said Granquist.

If you go over the 30 minutes it is an additional $3. And if you have a monthly or yearly membership you have unlimited 30 minute rides, but it also an additional $3 per 30 minutes.

Granquist said another popular question they got was about helmets. She said Bike LNK doesn't require you to wear one because it isn't the law, but they recommend it.

Every bicycle is the same and has three gears, a bell, and a basket that closes. Bike LNK said they really want the bicycles to be as convenient as possible.

When you're done with riding you drop it back off at the kiosk and are no longer responsible for that bicycle. When you ride again it will probably be a different bike. The only reason you would have to pay more than the ride fee is if you damaged the bike.

For more information click on the link above which takes you to their Facebook page.