A profile of Lady Vestey

Published: Mar. 5, 2020 at 5:18 PM CST
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She started out her life in Superior as Evelene Brodstone, and ended up being known as one of the highest paid executives in the 1920's.

We recently traveled to Superior to learn about a famous person to locals. We wanted to know more about the person known as "Lady Vestey". "Lady Vestey was first known as Evelene Brodstone," Nuckolls County Museum volunteer Nancy Meyers said. "She was born in Wisconsin, but was raised in Superior, Nebraska starting at age three with her mother and father, and older brother Louis."

After being raised in Nebraska, she went on to a business school in Iowa, and from there she started a job in Chicago that was part of the Vestey business out of England. She started as a stenographer, then climbed the ranks as an auditor, and finally a director of the Vestey business. "She was in the company for many years," Meyers said. "She worked for the Vestey brothers. She eventually moved to England, and they went around the world searching for beef, eggs and other food stuffs. They brought that back to England and sold it throughout Europe. William Vestey became a Lord around 1900, and his first wife later passed away. William Vestey then asked Evelene to marry him, so she became Lady Vestey at that time."

Lady Vestey is important to Superior because she grew up there, and the town was close to her heart. She is buried in Superior. She and her brother donated the hospital to Superior, and each year she gave an endowment to the hospital. That hospital still functions today and is known as "Brodstone Memorial Hospital".

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