A visit to Sehnert's Bakery

MCCOOK, Neb.- An oasis of pastries, sandwiches and coffee can be found on the bricks in downtown McCook at Sehnert's. 

The bakery has been around since 1957 in McCook. "My wife Shelly and I came back to McCook in 1991, and we've been running it ever since," Matt Sehnert said. "My dad Walt and mother Jean ran it for many years." 

Sehnert says there are many reasons why he enjoys running the bakery. "There's the creative part, so you are creating pastries and breads and things like that, but I think the best part for me is being a part of the community," Sehnert said. Bakery employees usually start early. "In order to get the product out on the shelves by 6:30 a.m., we start in the middle of the night. I'm very fortunate, because we have a fantastic crew here. They do the hard work, and they are great at it," Sehnert said. 

There are not as many local bakeries in Nebraska as there once were. "In my father's era, and grandfather's era, there was a bakery in every town, but it doesn't seem like that anymore," Sehnert said. "Shelly and I feel blessed that we can raise our family in McCook, and the community supports us, and we appreciate that so much because we want to live here." 

The bakery offers many kinds of rolls and pastries. "They are all made with Wauneta Roller Mills flour, so we use locally-grown and milled wheat, and we are very proud of that," Sehnert said. "We also have sandwiches, and of course, Bierocs. This is a German-Russian sandwich that is popular in southwest Nebraska and northwest Kansas." 

Sehnert's Bakery is also connected to the Bieroc Cafe, which is a venue for local and regional musicians and artists. The Sehnert family invites you to stop by for a cup of coffee and a treat from the bakery sometime soon.