AARP Talks Healthcare For 2018

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LINCOLN, Neb. AARP Nebraska held a community conversation for people in Nebraska to learn how proposed changes in healthcare coverage through the insurance exchange could affect you and your family in 2018.

"I am going to have to brace myself for what's going to happen and what it's going to cost me now that we will only have one option," said Kelly Cain, a Lincoln attendee.

People there told a 10/11 reporter that they have a lot of concerns with how Nebraska is handling Nebraskan's ages 50 to 64 who do not have insurance through an employer.

One main concern Cain told 10/11 was how her insurance company will be dropping her this year and how she has no idea how much the new insurance company will even cost her.

"My insurance company is dropping me, because they don't make enough to stay in Nebraska, so now I'm left with a mystery of how much I will be paying " said Cain.

Open enrollment starts in three weeks, for more information you can go to the website at