AMBER alert notification system looks to improve

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LINCOLN, Neb. Following yesterday's AMBER Alert it took roughly 8 hours to find 3-day-old Bentley Tuttle get the newborn to a safe place. The system worked properly, but the Nebraska State Patrol says that there is still room for improvement.

Since the emergency alert program was put in place in January of 2013 more than 800 children have been rescued and returned. The system is designed to move information as quickly and as broadly as possible but in some instances the message falls short.

A number of 1011 viewers reached out to us saying that they didn't receive the national alert until several hours after we brought you the news and some never received it at all.

According to NSP once the criteria is met they send the information to the national center in Virginia who then issue the push to your phone via cell towers. Law enforcement representatives meet after every AMBER Alert to assess what they well and what they can do better. NSP tells us that one of the things they plan to discuss is the possibility of cutting out the national center and issuing the alert directly.

Find out how to check your alert settings in the video above.