Accident involving pedestrians on the rise

Already this year nearly two dozen people have been hit by cars.
We're on pace to surpass 2018's total.

Last year 110 people were hit by a vehicle, and three of them were killed.
That's about one every three days.
Lincoln Police say most of these are avoidable.

Ten years ago Lincoln was averaging less than 100 of these types of accidents.
By 2015 that number jumped to 137.
LPD says there are a lot factors including blind spots, but there one's main reason.

"We all look at our cell phones whether we're crossing the street and we get a text to glance at it, or scrolling through social media or Facebook. I think everyone is guilty of it, but what these numbers can remind us of is that we do need to be careful."

Officer Sands says there are simple steps for those driving and walking.
People should be following the cross walk signal, and making eye contact with the driver.
Also, even if you're the pedestrian don't go unless you know it's safe.