Adventure Golf Center reopens with strict guidelines

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The owners at Adventure Golf Center decided to re-open their facility after being closed a couple of months due to COVID-19. To stay open, they'll be following strict guidelines.

Source: (KOLN)

The golf center's guidelines are on signs throughout the complex reminding people to be socially distant and bring a putter and golf ball. Adventure Golf Center co-owner Dylan Bohlke said they're not letting people inside unless there's an emergency.

"All the golf balls and all the clubs are being sanitized after every use," Bohlke said. Employees are wearing face masks if they're unable to be six feet from customers. Adventure Golf Center's other co-owner, Erik Gustafson, said it chose to re-open in hopes of making customers happy during the pandemic.

"We want to be an avenue for people to just kind of drop their shoulders and unwind and experience joy," Gustafson said. The owners said business has been a little slow to start. But, the owners aren't concerned about it.

"We just wanted to feel out what this new style of business operations would look like," Bohlke said." The owners also felt they have an advantage over brick and mortar businesses because everything is outside.

"Naturally things are more spread out." Bohlke said, "You're not touching the same things and if you are they're being thoroughly sanitized." Since re-opening, Gustafson said it's been nice to see their customers coming back.

"It's great to see people laughing at each other with a missed putt." Gustafson said, "There's so much good in being around people." The owners are hopeful for some sense of normalcy in the next few months. They hope to schedule corporate events and tournaments starting in the summer.