After pet's near accident on Vine, Lincoln man warns drivers to be cautious

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - "I'm just thankful that he's alive," said Nick Arena of his dog Louie.

Louie, Nick's pit bull will be sporting a cone for the next ten days or so after being nicked by a vehicle going west on Vine street.

"He started running toward Vine Street and I had stopped and tried to call him," said Arena. "(But I saw) vehicles moving at full speed, and I feared the worst."

According to the latest report from Nebraska DOT, Lancaster County sees around 141 animal versus vehicle accidents. Those accidents aren't just limited to country roads and highways, they can happen here in Lincoln, too.

When Arena saw that Louie was close to the street, he tried to entice him with treats and didn't chase him for fear that he would get hit by a car, but unfortunately, Louie kept running.

"I heard brakes squealing and tires screeching, and then, he started yelping," said Arena.

Arena calmed Louie down until he could take him to the emergency vets to get patched back up. The driver that hit Louie was nowhere to be found. Arena said he's afraid that this situation, although quite lucky, might play out worse for someone else. He cautioned other Lincoln drivers to be alert if something comes out into the middle of the road.

"There are kids out playing," said Arena. "Somebody riding their bicycle rides out in the street just as fast as a dog. And you can't stop."