Air National Guard flyover honors healthcare workers

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Monday healthcare workers in all corners of Nebraska were looking to the sky as the Air National Guard honored their work fighting COVID-19 with a flyover that spanned the state.

A flyover that lasted less than a minute still meant a lot to healthcare workers at CHI Health St. Elizabeth.

"It's really nice there was a guy out here a couple of weeks ago with a sign that said thank you and it really means a lot," said Rhonda Soucheck a nurse at the hospital. "I don't personally work with the COVID patients but I know the nurses that have. Its a very difficult job, its stressful, its tiring and everybody has really done a great job."

The plane traveled across the state hitting 30 different healthcare facilities and ended in Lincoln.

"There's actually another person in my community that's in the Air Guard," said Leah Gulian a nurse at CHI. "It was kinda neat to see people acknowledging this and being a part of it."

The flyover's final stop was at Bryan West in Lincoln. Where healthcare workers gathered on the roof and in the courtyard to watch the flight.

"Today couldn't have been a better day," said Lisa Vail with the hospital. "Just a beautiful day to remind us that life goes on and there is a lot of great people in this community."

Those who were honored today say while it's a small gesture that along with the support they continue to receive from the community its overwhelming.

"Showing the world and this community the best of the best and it's just great to be a part of it," said Vail.