Air Park neighbors concerned after reports of mailbox item thefts

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Lincoln Police Department received a call for a suspicious vehicle Thursday after receiving several calls for possible mailbox thefts.

Surveillance video shows a person in a white SUV going through four different mailboxes in the Air Park neighborhood.

Air Park neighbors had surveillance video showing a person in a white SUV going through four different mailboxes.

The first incident was reported Oct. 26 when someone said mailboxes were left open and kept seeing a white SUV in the area.

On Nov. 1, LPD received a call in the Air Park neighborhood after a man found mail laying in the street. It was not known if anything was missing.

Thursday, LPD said it received another call saying a vehicle in the neighborhood matching the description.

Cassandra Fessler, an Air Park neighbor, said her family has been directly impacted.

"At one point, he [Cassandra's husband] found one of our neighbors rent checks. It was addressed to the Housing Authority and he found it in the street like 30 feet from the mailboxes," she said.

She also said her son, who lives with her, has also had stuff stolen out of the mailbox.

Recent issues with mailboxes has caused Fessler to change her mailing options.

"We don't even mail stuff off here. We drive down to the postal office," she said.

Dwight Miller, who also lives in the Air Park neighborhood, said he's doing things different after the most recent issues.

'We're making sure we watch it more now. As soon as we hear the mailman, we're going to go and grab it," Miller said.

As this time, LPD is not calling the person in the video a suspect. It simply wants to talk to the person seen in the video.