Alliance couple set to take donations to flood victims

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ALLIANCE, Neb. - (KNEP) - An Alliance couple with roots in the flood-ridden parts of Nebraska set out to help those in need.

Justin and Chelsea Gregerson have moved around a bit in recent years but are both from the eastern portion of Nebraska. After a 16-month stint in Idaho, the two moved to Alliance in October.

Last week’s storm brought snow to the panhandle and flooding to other portions of the state including the couple’s parent’s homes. Justin’s parents had 45 minutes to move whatever they could to higher ground and evacuate. As of Monday, they were able to head back to their home located about an hour from Fremont.

Last Friday, the two wracked their brains trying to come up with some way to help not just their family but others in the affected areas. Chelsea admitted they threw around the idea of GoFundMe pages but knew those and t-shirt sales were already being done. They then looked to their 24ft trailer and thought why not drive supplies over.

A social media post that night spawned the “Panhandle Lends a Hand” Facebook page. Within days the group ballooned and to the surprise of both, seven different towns are pitching in.

The couple also received a message from out-of-state helpers as well including one from Montana who wants to send over feed for cattle. Right now, they are hoping to get as much help as they can and plan on leaving March 22nd.

The couple is working with Cajun Navy Supply to take the donations where they need to go. A destination has not been named yet but they will continue to provide updates as to where they are going.

They can’t thank the community enough and are thankful for everyone pitching in. They never thought it would turn out like this. Chelsea added that it seemed like the community just needed that one person to step up and say they were going to help out.

Justin mentioned he believes it’s just the nature of Midwesterners. He told NBC Nebraska that the day of the storm, neighbors he didn’t even know came over and helped him and his wife dig out from their house. He said it just seems like everyone is just so close and referenced the eastern part of the state as family.

They are unsure if they will actually get a chance to see their family while on their journey, but they remain in touch with them and know they are safe.