Almost 2 months after home explosion, neighbors frustrated with lack of clean up

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- People who live in Edenton North are hoping their street and homes will return to normal soon. It's been almost two months since the deadly home explosion and clean up on the property hasn't started.

10/11 spoke to multiple neighbors who all felt frustrated. They say having the debris everywhere along with pieces of memories from inside the home, like a pair of pants hanging in the tree, is hard for them to look at over and over everyday.

The explosion was 58 days ago, and today the scene doesn't look much different.

'In order for us to move forward and really begin healing... we need to see things cleaned up," said Amber Pankonin a neighbor of the Jasa home.

Pankonin lives just two doors down from where the house exploded. She said she tends to forget it happened, then walks out her front door.

"And so I'm just reminded all over again of the pain that she went through," said Pankonin.

She and other neighbors have reached out to police and the city to try and figure out what is taking so long.

"I tweeted to Tom Casady the other night and who said that the property is not the disposition of LPD," said Pankonin.

Lincoln Police told 10/11 in a statement they are in no way preventing the clean up of the site. Their search of the destroyed property was finished August 26th, six weeks ago.

"And my husband sent an email to John Camp who said that American Family Insurance is responsible for the property now. And so we are trying to see if we can get some answers from both sides," said Pankonin.

We also reached out to American Family Insurance. Over the phone they told us they're waiting for "appropriate permissions". A couple hours later they sent us a full statement.

"This is a tragic and complicated situation and our hearts and thoughts are with the Jasas and all affected by this tragedy.
We are planning to get the property cleaned up, and expect that work to begin soon now that we have received the appropriate permissions," said Linda Wagener.

"I guess I would love to know what is taking so long to move this process forward," said Pankonin.

Saturday will mark two months since the explosion and Eastivew Drive is still closed to traffic.

American Family Insurance would not specify who's permission it needed. And they did not give an exact time frame on when the clean up will start.