American Brew Equipment teams up with craft brewers for gift card match initiative Friday

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LINCOLN, Neb. - American Beer Equipment has teamed up with the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild (NCBG) to do a gift card match initiative. ABE is asking consumers to purchase gift cards from NCBG member breweries on Friday, March 27th.

NCBG brewery members will report their total gift card sales, and ABE will in turn purchase that amount of gift cards from each brewery, up to a total of $10,000 in gift cards.

ABE said it hopes this initiative will help to secure funds to Nebraska breweries as well as promote the importance of supporting small businesses during this difficult time.

“Our Nebraska breweries were key to our growth when we started, and many were among our first customers," ABE Vice President Adam Kosmicki said. "We’ll always appreciate that the foundation of our success came from the support of our local breweries.

Kosmicki said the recent disruptions in business are devastating for many of ABE's customers.

"We want to do something to help by starting here at home," Kosmicki said. "We are confident that together we will get past the challenges presented by the virus. Our goal is to increase the focus on the need to support our friends and families at this critical time.”

“While this pandemic has been incredibly painful for breweries and other small businesses across the state, it has been amazing to witness how resilient our membership has been,” Gabby Ayala, Executive Director of NCBG said. “Everyone has been working so hard to be resourceful and adapt to these challenging times. The brewing industry in Nebraska is like a family and even in the most stressful moments they are still lifting each other up. It’s incredible.”