An inside look at the 5055 Building before it opens

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The new 5055 Building on Bryan East Campus should open sometime in March. The project’s been in the works for the last two years, but Bryan Health has been planning for an expansion since the mid-90’s.

The building is a collaboration between 76 physician investors and Bryan Health. On the ground floor is an outpatient surgery center, while an additional three floors are dedicated to clinic and office space.

The name 5055 Building came about for convenience of patients.

“There are a lot of buildings on our campus and we know this is a quick in and out and convenient. So we knew that if people just looked for the big 5055 on the outside of the building, they wouldn't have to figure out which building to go into,” said John Woodrich the President and COO of Bryan Medical Center.

The surgery center portion of the building will serve eight specialties.

“We will take care of anything from orthopedic to ENT, gynecology, general podiatry, dental, oromaxillofacial even a pain specialist,” said Crystal Livingston the administrator for the outpatient surgery center.

On the ground floor is 17,000 square feet for the lobby, pre-op, operating room, post-op and recovery. Livingston said here are six operating rooms, along with space to add two more.

Those outpatient operating rooms are a response to a growing trend in healthcare.

“The Driving force behind the outpatient center was really just taking a look at the change that we see happening in healthcare, moving from an inpatient environment to and outpatient environment,” said John Woodrich the President and COO of Bryan Medical Center.

Livingston added, “This is why you're seeing more surgery centers opening up. Not only from a government stand point, but insurance companies are encouraging patients to go to that outpatient ambulatory surgery center.”

In total over the last three years, Bryan East and West Campus have seen the number of outpatient surgeries grow. In 2015, there were 6,794, 2016 grew to 6,995 and 2017 even more, jumping to 7,302.

There’s also the cost aspect. Outpatient surgeries are cheaper.

Woodrich said, “You don't have all of the added cost on an inpatient side, with all of those additional services that support all the many programs.”

Bryan Health said, “In general, facility fees for procedures done in an outpatient surgery center are about 50% of the cost of hospital outpatient facility fees.” But the final cost you pay depends on a patients specific case and your insurance.

The 5055 Building doesn’t just have patient benefits. It’s location and being connected to the hospital via skywalk helps doctors.

“When a physician is either rounding on patients on the inpatient side or doing in patient procedures, they can then walk over to the outpatient center to do their out patient procedures,” said Woodrich.

The 76 physician investors were also a part of the design process of the building, giving input on how the facility can be as efficient as possible. Each OR can handle any type of surgery.

“So what we've designed is to create carts that have equipment, with the instrumental needs for that particular surgery or that specialty and we will bring those into room. Each OR has the same equipment, has the same standard machinery and then we bring in the specialty items into that OR based on what that patient needs,” said Livingston.

In order for the 5055 Building to open it must clear two hurdles. The first comes the week of January 15th, when Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services will do a survey. Then, Livingston said, will come test cases and finally they can apply for a Joint Commission survey, which will allow the facility to take care of Medicare patients. That will happen within three months of opening and it’s an unannounced visit.

The goal for the outpatient surgery portion of the building is to complete 5,000 surgeries.

“We actually went physician by physician and looked at their surgeries that they've done in past years and which of those surgeries could be moved into an outpatient facility. And 5,000 is our target. I really believe we'll exceed 5,000 in our first year,” said Woodrich.

Once outpatient surgeries move to the 5055 Building, it will free up space in the traditional OR in the hospitals.

“We've been wanting to renovate our operating rooms in our inpatient facility and this will give us that free space to do that, “ Woodrich added. But that won’t happen for about another year. Woodrich said they’re currently in the design phase.

The 5055 Building will have it’s ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday, January 18th with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.