North Platte woman convicted of attempted child abuse in Juniata robbery case

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) A North Platte woman accused of being the wheel-person in a December convenience store robbery in Juniata is convicted of attempted child abuse.

Renee Weigel, 21, was arrested on a warrant in Minnesota after investigators connected her to a December 12 robbery at the Casey's convenience store in Juniata.

The Adams County Sheriff believes Weigel drove Clayton Robinson from North Platte to Juniata December 12 on the night of the armed robbery at the Casey's store in Juniata. She also drove him back to North Platte that night with her eight-month-old baby in the back seat of the car at the time.

Weigel pled no contest to felony attempted child abuse Thursday. Prosecutors dropped a related felony charge. Weigel is scheduled to be sentenced July 1, 2019, and could get up to two years in prison.

Cases are pending against two other suspects.

Robinson, 20, was convicted of felony robbery.
Court records indicate he pled no contest to the charge. Prosecutors dropped related weapons and child abuse charges.

Court records indicate that a store employee texted Robinson the night of December 12 to let him know that no-one was in the store except two employees and to let him know where the store's security cameras were located. The store was subsequently robbed by a man wearing black and carrying a gun. The suspect made off with $1,000 cash and two cartons of cigarettes.

Robinson is scheduled for sentencing May 28 on the robbery conviction. He could get up to 50 years in prison.

A former Casey's store employee, Dusty Fitzke, 22, Juniata, is now charged with aiding and abetting a felony and misdemeanor false reporting.

Authorities believe Fitzke was the store employee who texted information to Robinson before the robbery. His next hearing in Adams County district court is May 20.

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