Arts and entertainment leaders form task force

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - It has been months since theaters across the state and the country have been open. But now, leaders in the arts and entertainment industry are coming together to figure out what's next.

(Source: KOLN).

Those leaders have now formed a task force, it's called the COVID-19 Arts and Entertainment Task Force.

At the Lincoln Community Playhouse, no one will be taking the stage any time soon.

"Right now we're just an empty building, looking to become a theater again,” said Lincoln Community Playhouse executive director, Morrie Enders.

Enders is just one of 12 task force members, made up of people from university theater, community theater, educational specialists, and health specialists.

At the Lincoln Community Playhouse he says they've already brainstormed what things will look like for them.

"It takes us from a house of 270 to a house of 50 but we're planning. We will do a play with 50 people,” said Enders.

Another task force member tells 10/11 NOW, some theaters could be at risk... After being closed for so long.

"People coming through our doors and enjoying it, they're our fourth wall. And they are the people we do this for, and unfortunately, the situation that has been, we haven't been able to open or operate,” said task member and Managing Artistic Director for TADA Productions, Inc. Bob Rook.

Rook says there are many things that will be talked about and a lot of things to take into consideration, like proper social distancing in the audience, but also space between actors on stage and how they communicate.

"A lot of us rely on musicals, can we do just straight plays, will people be able to empty their spit valves from their instruments for example,” said Rook.

Rook says the four goals he has for the task force, are to figure out a timeline, how to open safely, what restrictions will have to be in place, and how to connect again.

"And then have some recommendations to give to city leaders and state leaders on the best way for people to do that,” said Rook.
The task force has plans to hold a press conference in June to share some of its findings and recommendations.