Ashland-Greenwood, Falls City Honor Schwartz with Pregame Ceremony

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Reed Schwartz loved the Ashland-Greenwood Bluejays. The Falls City Tigers, too. The schools played each other Friday in their first meeting since Schwartz's death.

The communities jointly planned a pregame ceremony at Jug Brown Stadium to honor Schwartz, where administrators and coaches released balloons into the sky. Both teams wore number 74 decals on their helmets, while "#SchwartzStrong" signs lined the field.

Schwartz grew up in Falls City and graduated from high school in 1987. He later became an assistant football coach at Ashland-Greenwood, where he served for 18 years. Players and coaches from both schools call Schwartz friendly, passionate, and generous.

Schwartz died on June 8th from brain cancer. He was 47 years old.