Family searches for missing Cass County woman, asks for community's help

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CASS COUNTY – The Nebraska State Patrol, on behalf of the Cass County Sheriff's Office, issued an Endangered Missing Advisory for a missing Nebraska woman.

The public is being asked to help locate Sandra Root, 70, who was last seen at North Lake in South Bend, Nebraska on Friday, March 2 at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Her daughter Jessie wasn't getting through to her over the phone so she asked a neighbor to check on her last Sunday March 4th.

"When I hadn't heard from her, I contacted her neighbor who was watching her dog because apparently Friday night she got a migraine," said Jessie Root.

That neighbor said she saw Sandra Friday night and Sandra doesn't have a cellphone or car so they don't think she could have gone far. That's why they've spent now two days searching the area and contacting neighbors.

"She left without her glasses, her purse, her watch, all things she would normally take with her if she was leaving and going somewhere," said Jessie Root.

Sandra's home is in South Bend and sits between the North Lake and Platte River.

The families biggest concern is that she had a migraine, and sometimes her migraines can leave her disoriented.

"When she has her migraines, they get so bad she can black out so that's the thing if she was walking and she fell and got hurt you know we don't know where she might be," said Jessie Root.

The family has called every hospital, knocked on every nearby door and continue to inform people in the area.

"I'm just scared for her, I just hope we find her soon," said Josh Root, Sandra's 10-year-old grandson.

The South Bend and river area were walked by family and Cass County Sheriff's Office Deputies, and an NSP helicopter conducted an aerial sweep of the area on March 5.

All search efforts were unsuccessful.

Root was last seen wearing a long black coat, blue/grey earmuffs, and black boots.

An Endagered Missing Advisory is issued when a person is considered to be in danger based a variety of factors, including age, health, mental or physical disability, environment, weather conditions, or if the person is in the company of a potentially dangerous person.