Autistic girl raising money for a therapy dog

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- A 6-year-old in Lincoln is growing up with Autism and a sensory disorder. She's learned to cope with many things but now is fundraising to have her own therapy dog to help her through her daily struggles.

Isabel loves to play littlest pet shop, setting up toy animals and organizing them. Unless she asks you to play, it may upset her if you move them. Many things in life go by Isabel's boundaries.

"We cant hug her unless she wants to be hugged, we can't kiss her unless she wants a kiss," said Isabel's mom Jenny.

This is because Isabel has a sensory processing disorder and high functioning autism. She processes information differently, scents, noises and touch can send her body in to overload, resulting in large tantrums.

"But having the dog their are no boundaries with him or her and so I think that is where the feeling in control of your body comes into play for her," said her mom Jenny.

Isabel used to have a childhood dog. After it passed away, her family realized how therapeutic the animal was.

"When she pets the dog that really helps calm that piece of it down," said Jenny.

Right now Isabel has a sensory swing that she uses to calm her down. But hopefully soon they'll have a new dog, a therapy dog from Domesti-PUPS.

"When she has her melt downs then she would pet the dog she would brush the dog play with the dog. The dog would comfort her," said Jenny.

Her mom said their whole family does they best they can to support Isabel.

"As parents you want to take the pain away and make sure your children are pain free," said Jenny.

But sometimes animals can heal the most.

"Just having that friend that loves you no matter what. Melt downs and all so, said Jenny as she kissed Isabel on the forehead. "that's what we're wanting," she added.

Each Domesti-Pup costs $4,000 and the family is asking for help to pay for the dog. The company often fund raises for families and if you want to donate you can click here