Autumn Art Workshop in Aurora

From working with mixed media, to painting with water colors, artists from around the state and beyond recently gathered at the Leadership Center in Aurora. It was all part of the Autumn Art Workshop, and this event has been happening annually for the last 50 years.

The "students" who take part in this workshop come from all parts of Nebraska. But they come as far away as the east and west coasts as well. At the 50th anniversary of the workshop, instructors were brought in to focus on the latest trends in mixed media, watercolor art, and oils and pastels. The workshop has it's roots in western Nebraska, and was originally started for people to enjoy art in the western part of the state.

"We began in the Halsey forest," Autumn Art Workshop president Tish Treinen said. "In 1968, a lady from Thedford and a lady from Lexington decided that what was needed in western Nebraska was art. So, they approached the Nebraska Arts Council and got a grant of $1,200, and they opened the workshop and decided to have it at Halsey National Forest at the 4H camp."

The workshop has been at the 4H camp at Halsey for the last 49 years, but due to demographics changing, the group that operates the workshop decided to move it to the Leadership Center in Aurora on year 50. If you want more information on next year's workshop, go to