Ball Python found in North Omaha yard

Omaha Police officers responding to a call found a python in a North Omaha yard. (Courtesy of Omaha Police Department)
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Omaha Police were called to North Omaha on Wednesday morning when a resident there found a menacing snake in the yard he was preparing to mow.

The Nebraska Humane Society identified the snake as a Ball Python.

"These snakes are relatively harmless to people and are legal to keep as pets in Omaha," said Kelli Brown, NHS Director of Field Operations. "Looks like this one may have just escaped from a home nearby and went exploring in yards."

NHS is holding the snake to see if someone comes looking for it, Brown said.

She said the snake appears to have a slight neurological issue.

"We are unsure how it occurred," she said. "The snake may have been bumped or injured along the way during his travels."