Barbara's Beautiful Button Bouquets

Barbara Pearson spent 40 years working at the Nebraska State Department of Health and Human Services.

Five years ago, this Lincoln woman was just getting ready to retire when a unique work of art in a thrift store caught her eye.

Barbara says, "Since I retired basically, I've been working with all kinds of buttons, both modern buttons and vintage buttons. I really honestly like the vintage buttons better."

Barbara never ending quest for new old buttons and vases has led her to many a thrift store, "My favorite part is putting vintage buttons into a bouquet so that you can remember the person who used to wear that button or use that button."

Instead of being locked away in a closet somewhere, "They're out where people can see them."

Barbara has given away many button bouquets over the past 5 years, "I've donated to my church for the auction hundreds and hundreds of bouquets."

If you'd like to own one of Barbara's beautiful button bouquets -- go to her facebook page...