Barn Quilts of Dawson County

COZAD, Neb.- If you are looking for a fun way to experience the rural areas of Nebraska, consider getting a map and taking a tour of the "Barn Quilts of Dawson County."

Barn quilts are painted on a sheet of plywood, and then they are put on a barn, but they can also be displayed outbuildings, fences, mailboxes, and even free-standing on fence posts. "Barn quilts started gaining in popularity in Ohio several years ago, when someone put a quilt block on their barn to commemorate their mother," Prairie Point Junction Quilt Shop owner Julie Geiger said. "Others then wanted to do it, and they discovered it was a huge tourist attraction," Julie said.

Julie says she and the Cozad librarian got together to launch the Barn Quilts of Dawson County trail. It's an effort to promote agri-tourism in the area. One of the more popular barn quilt displays near Cozad is a barn about 2 miles east of Cozad. It's a barn owned by Dale Vetter, and it features several barn quilts. "I'm also very partial to the ones that are on all four of our school buildings," Julie said.

Finally, Cozad is offering a barn quilt walking tour. Organizers have mapped out a 3 mile route within the Cozad city limits where you can walk and see up to 50 different barn quilts.

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