Beatrice 77 lends a helping hand

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Lincoln, Ne- The Beatrice 77 livestock auction decided to put together a special action on April fools day.

This cow calf pair auction,gave proceeds to farmers and ranches in Kansas affected by recent wildfires.

"My wife was reading the Kansas Journal and by the time she got done she had tears in her eyes, and we just felt like we needed to do something," said Mike Heldt, of Heldt Cattle.

Heldt cattle donated the cow calf pair costing over 25,000 dollars.

Ryan Sommerhalder,a field representative with Beatrice 77 has family in Semeron, Kansas that were affected by the fires.

"It's worth everything, I mean it's peoples livelihoods, it's how people live their lives by producing livestock so it basically takes everything away from them," said Sommerhalder.

Beatrice 77 Livestock raised a total of $33,107 and over 14 barrels of hay to those affected.