Beatrice drive-in church services have hundreds in attendance

People gather in St. John Lutheran Church in Beatrice for its drive-in church services....
People gather in St. John Lutheran Church in Beatrice for its drive-in church services. (Source: KOLN)(KOLNKGIN)
Published: Apr. 5, 2020 at 4:37 PM CDT
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St. John Lutheran Church in Beatrice is hosting church services in its parking lot during the COVID-19 pandemic. The church started doing it a few weeks ago and people in the congregation love gathering in one place.

St. John Lutheran church member Shirleen Fritz said, "We were all a little leary to start with, but it's working out wonderful." St. John Lutheran pastor Ernesto Medina said the church has everyone gather in the parking lot and tune in to a radio station to listen to the band members and sermon.

"We decided to be socially responsible in our distancing plans," Medina said, "We're doing drive-in theater-style services." The pastor giving the service is also up 25 feet in the air on a lift.

Medina said there are several unique factors about the service, but believes everyone's favorite part is when they honk their horns simultaneously. People do this after the end of a song and at the end of the service.

Medina said he's super happy to see this service grow as big as it is. "People are enjoying being able to see each other through the glass," Medina said, " Which just gives me joy."

He said over 50 cars were in its parking lot, with around 150 people total. "It is a time of telling the truth," Medina said, "And part of that truth is hope."

St. John Lutheran will have a special Easter drive-in service next week as it will be at the Gage County Fairgrounds. Medina said this has been approved by city and county law enforcement and all are welcome to attend. The only requirement is everyone stays in their cars to avoid spreading the virus.