Beatrice prepares for Big Blue River to flood

BEATRICE, Neb. -- "Thank God my daughter is living here. I kept calling her, 'What is the river doing, what is the river doing," said Steven Mills, a Beatrice resident.

Mills lives only about 300 yards away from the Big Blue River. Beatrice Fire Chief Brian Daake says if the forecast stays true to what it is predicting, Beatrice will see some flooding from the Big Blue River.

"A number of years ago we developed a flood response plan, and we've activated that plan. We've been holding meetings with various departments within the city and the county."

The rising water has people ready to pack up and evacuate.

"I told her if it starts coming in the house, grab some clothes and your dog and go to higher ground," said Mills.

Other parts of Beatrice are flooded too, like the running and hiking trails and Chautauqua Park. Beatrice officials expect the Big Blue to crest at about 23 feet. At that height, the river is expected to run onto Highway 136. Beatrice Fire Department has already set up barricades and determined emergency routes in case of flooding.

City officials also urge people to stay away from flood water as it can be very dirty and pose a serious threat to your health.