Lincoln ranks on Top Ten List of Best Cities to Raise a Family

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Lincoln, NEB.- With wedding season over and many young families putting down roots in places of opportunity, the personal-finance website WalletHub recently released its report on 2017's Best & Worst Cities for Families.


Lincoln Ranked 10th in a list of over 150 other cities.

Those categories were broken down by:
1) Family Fun
2) Health & Safety
3) Education & Child Care
4) Affordability
5) Socioeconomic

Lincoln's Results:
71st - Families with Young Kids
10th - Housing Affordability
1st - Unemployment Rate
42nd - Playgrounds per Capita
26th - Families Living Below Poverty Level
36th - Violent-Crime Rate

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation strives to give all children the resources and support to reach their full potential.

Michelle Suarez, has been working with children and growing families in Nebraska for over 30 years.

After reviewing the top cities list Michelle believes Lincoln needs to be moved higher than 10th place.

"It says to me that we have lots of processes in place and institutions in place that support families," said Suarez.

Nebraska Children and Families foundation has a number of programs for both parents and children such as Beyond School Bells, Camp Catch-up, and Project Everlast.

"I think about schools, parks, recreational activities, employment opportunists, so a lot of good things are in place for Nebraskans and Lincoln-nites," said Suarez.

"Where we chose to live has a big determination in the quality of our life," said Suarez.

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation empowers families to be healthy, safe, and economically stable. By accomplishing these goals families can find their forever home in Lincoln, and all over Nebraska