BikeLNK plans to add new kiosks as program expands

Published: Jul. 22, 2018 at 5:54 PM CDT
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BikeLNK has already passed the 10,000 trip mark. With over 500 monthly or annual memberships, the program said it's very pleased with the first few months in business.

"We had about 3,700 trips in June and we are on record to beat that in July," said Jamie Granquist, city manager of BikeLNK. "We've really been embraced by the community and it's been fun to see."

Currently, there are 22 kiosks around the city. There are 19 downtown and three more on the University of Nebraska - Lincoln campus.

"We definitely want feedback on where we can improve and where they would like to see kiosks stationed at so we can get more of the community serviced for sure," Granquist said. "We see it only increasing in volume and then benefiting the community and making Lincoln more walkable and bikeable."

BikeLNK is being funded by a $600,000 federal grant promoting environmentally friendly communities. Eventually, the program said it should be able to pay for itself.

"What we would like to do is have the user fees pay for the system," Granquist said. "We want to have about 200 trips per day and that would help the user fees pay for the system. We're getting about 140 trips per day which is outstanding considering its the dog days of summer."

BikeLNK is also already thinking about the start of the school year.

"We think that once the students come back in session and people just get into that fall groove that we'll get those 200 trips a day," Granquist said.

As it expands, BikeLNK said it would like community feedback on where new kiosks should be added. The link to that page is