Bill proposed to protect police officers

Published: Feb. 3, 2017 at 7:14 PM CST
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In response to recent anti-police movements across the country Nebraska lawmakers introduce a new bill today to further protect our officers.

As of right now you can go to the county assessor's website and search anyone, including members of law enforcement.

You can look up personal information including their home address. That can be worrisome for anyone, especially for policemen and their families.

Officers who spoke at Friday's hearing for the bill go as far to say they don't live inside Lincoln because of that fear.

This proposed bill would withhold the addresses of law enforcement.

According to some of the speakers, Lancaster County assessors are unwilling to make this sensitive information private to those who might do harm.

Advocates for the measure say the bill is necessary to keep those who protect us safe.

Several officers say they have been easily targeted because their personal information is available to the public. Some say people have stalked them and their families and their homes were vandalized and even shot at.

There was no one who opposed the bill at Friday's hearing, only a select few wanted to make sure the software was done correctly.

And those in the real estate market wanted to make sure this information was open to them.

The proposer of the bill, District 27 Senator Anna Wishart says she believes the bill will pass.