Bill to Allow Farmers to Repair Modern Equipment

Published: Feb. 25, 2016 at 7:17 PM CST
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The latest farming equipment comes with some high tech features, but if farmers or ranchers want to fix their newest tractors they also need to crack codes.

The new equipment out does not allow farmers or even local repair shops to get that software to fix them, farmers actually have to go to the manufactures themselves. A bill in the legislature hopes to change that.

This is just one of many bills in the legislature that is aimed to help local farmers and ranchers. This measure would allow manufactures to give out their software of codes so farmers or local repair shops can fix machines.

Some farmers that spoke in the hearing this afternoon say when their tractor has an issue they have to travel hours to get to the store where they got their equipment from because the manufactures don't give out their software to fix the technology with the machine.

Meanwhile, local repair shops say this is hurting their business because they cant fix these machines if they don't know how to get into the software.

"If I want to open a repair shop or be an independent farmer you know I don't have access to the technology to even fix the machine than it pretty much renders me obsolete," said Abilene Machine Salesman, Kenneth Roelfsen.

However, manufactures say they are thinking about farmers safety.

"The farmer will take on liability certainly the liability is not going to stop at the farmer its going to go all the way back to the manufacture or the dealer that sold the product," CNA Industrial Employee, George Whitaker.

Now this would only apply to farm equipment. There was an amendment to this measure that would not include cars, cell phones, computers and tablets.