Bill would Include High School Students in Hazing Law

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Former School administrators and school law attorneys spoke on behalf of Senator Dan Hughes bill Thursday. His proposed measure would change current hazing laws. They say this is something that's happening in Nebraska and needs to stop.

Currently the hazing law is only limited to college students. This bill would change that law to include middle and high school students. This proposal hits close to home for Sen. Hughes after high school students in his district were accused of hazing but couldn't be prosecuted because of the law.

Hughes says after many phone calls from parents and even the Cambridge Superintendent, he knew something needed to be done. He says this will serve more as an educational tool for students.

"We want to communicate to kids that this type of behavior is not only unacceptable, but it can be punished criminally, that's
the message we want to get so try and stop it," said Sen. Hughes.

The measure would also specify hazing to include sexual acts or touching. Hughes says parents from Cambridge were suppose to testify Thursday but couldn't come because of the snow.

No one testified against the measure in the committee hearing,