Biological mom facing charges as kids return to grandma

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- The biological mother of four children sought in the spotlight of an Amber Alert Friday is facing custody violation charges as the kids return to the care of their grandmother – their legal guardian.

Brenda Brummett, 34, was booked Friday on four counts of violation of child custody after the Amber Alert and an anonymous tip led police to 19th and Farnam where the children were located.

When Jewell Robinson, grandmother and guardian, heard the children had been located she said, “Just come on home kids. And I love you.”

Robinson said she's thankful for everyone who followed along and helped her get the children back. “I’ve had them ever since they've been born."

Even after the children had been located, the reunion followed a winding path. WOWT 6 News was at the 19th and Farnam scene where the children were located.

The family was then told to go to Project Harmony but there was still no sign of the kids. Robinson said she was told the children had to be interviewed and it could take hours.

Detectives were asking the children about whether they were safe at home - standard questioning for a sensitive investigation involving children but painful for grandma.

“They're unhappy about them coming home and I don't know what they're talking about,” Robinson said. “I ain't done nothing to them babies except trying to raise them."

Hours later - after Brenda Brummett had been arrested - Jewell Robinson said, “She needs to go to prison. She needs to clean up her act. She needs to be a mother."
Missing Children Located
Robinson said she was taking the kids home and they've made plans to move. She said she wants to get the children far away from any possible trouble.

The four children, Mickayla Brummett, 13, Michael Brummett Jr., 13, Kaleb Brummett, 12 and Miley Brummett, 7, were allegedly taken on Thursday night.

Police were called at 9:36 p.m. to the 4100 block of South 37th Street to investigate. The guardian told officers that she and the children were visiting a relative’s home and the children were taken from her vehicle.

The investigation eventually led to the Amber Alert at approximately 1:30 Friday afternoon. Then came the tip on the whereabouts of the children. The Amber Alert was canceled approximately an hour after it was issued.