Black Hills Energy adds new device to help detect gas leaks

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Here in Lincoln Black Hills Energy is testing out a new measure to help its crews detect gas leaks.

The whole goal is to keep you safer.

Just last week, all of the technicians at Black Hills received a laser methane detector that they'll use in routine leak detection and even for emergency situations.

With the methane detector, technicians can easily point the lasers at an object or an area.

It will alert crews if there is a gas leak by changing the pace of beeps coming from the device.

The Director of Natural Gas Operations says when they usually show up to a scene they have to get through a fence or in a building, causing delays.

He says the device will make things easier and safer for everyone involved.

"Today they can use this and from 100 feet away, they can detect that there is methane in the area so they don't even have to go into the flume of gas. So that helps them,” said Director of Natural Gas Operations, Kevin Jarosz.

Black Hills says in some cases the technology has allowed its crews to complete routine leak detection in half of the normal time.

Right now, only technicians in Lincoln have the methane detectors but the director of operations tell 10/11 NOW, they hope roll it out to crews in the rest of the state sometime in the next two years.