Black Hills Energy offers annual price option

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN)- Black Hills Energy customers, which includes most people in Lincoln, have a new pricing option.

(Source: KOLN).

The goal is to give customers peace of mind, locking in the price you pay for natural gas, so that portion of your bill doesn't change.

Black Hills tells 10/11 NOW, this is an option to let customers lock in the current price of natural gas on their bill.

They say right now that cost is low, but they can't predict what the market will do.

Black Hills is bringing back its annual price option program.

This only includes homes and apartments.

Here's how it works, if you sign up you pay a fixed price for natural gas for a full year.

Black Hills says that cost accounts for the largest portion of your monthly bill.

It's optional, but can help you stabilize your expenses.

The fluctuations have to do with supply and demand but Black Hills says many people are saving up to $50 a year.

"Some year you might end up paying a little more, just based on what the market does. So what we like to tell customers, is it is like going to the gas pump. to fill up your car, and always knowing what the price on that pump is going to be,” said Black Hills, Brandy Johnson.

If this price option is something you signed up for last year, Black Hills says you will need to sign up again.

It adds, customers bills can still change based on weather, how much natural gas is used, the efficiency of natural gas appliances, and how well their home is weatherized.

You have until October 4th if you would like to sign up for the annual price option program and it is only available to the first 10,000 people.