Blood bank in need of healthy donors

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LINCOLN, Neb. – In the midst cold and flu season, the Nebraska Community Blood Bank is asking for you help with blood donations.

The blood bank is asking for any healthy adults to donate if you have been cold or flu free for at least 72 hours.

Typically about 1,000 donors a week are need to have a steady supply of blood for the community. But this season’s flu has proven to be extra challenging. And because of it, the blood bank is seeing less donations.

“We are impacted by the donors who don’t feel well. It’s affected both our blood centers and our mobile blood drive program,” said Kelly Gillaspie, the Client Services Account Executive at the blood bank. “People might be staying home from work, not because they’re sick, but because they’re taking care of their children.”

Once you do give blood, the blood bank does over 12 infectious disease tests to ensure that the donated blood is safe for the community.

But if you do end up getting sick 24 hours after giving blood, you must contact the blood bank to let the know your donated blood cannot be used.

Gillaspie said donating blood is something you should look forward to.

“The impact that you have on someone in our community could make a difference in their life, so if you choose to donate, thank you,” she said.

More information about donating can be found here.