Blood drive raises awareness of new policy

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LINCOLN, Neb. – On Saturday, Iron Brush Tattoo hosted its second annual blood drive to raise awareness of Lincoln's new policy that makes it easier to give blood when you have tattoos.

"You now only have to wait seven days and not a year to donate blood after getting a tattoo," said Tyson Schaffert, owner of Iron Brush Tattoo.

Schaffert said it's a way for people to get educated, because there is still a big misconception that you can't give blood if you have tattoos.

"Not only is this a way to give back to our community and save a life, but it's also a way for people to get educated on all the misconceptions out there," said Schaffert.

Last year, Iron Brush Tattoo had dozens donate, and ended up collecting more than 94 units of blood to donate to the Nebraska Community Blood Bank.

"I was told that's the most blood anyone's given as a first time business ever, and that makes me proud," said Schaffert.

Nebraska Community Blood Bank said they had more than 50 people come out Saturday, saying it exceeded their goal.

If your business would like to donate or get involved, all you need to do is call for information at 402-486-9414.