Blue Blood Brewing in Lincoln closes its doors

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Blue Blood Brewing Company in Lincoln has shut down, according to a post on the brewery's Facebook page.

According to the post, Blue Blood had been “working toward a sale of the company for the past few weeks.”

However, the post says the “landlord has unexpectedly” shut the brewery down.

According to court documents, in March, a lawsuit was filed against Blue Blood Brewing by Robbers Cave, LLC.

According to the lawsuit, Robbers Cave, LLC alleges Blue Blood Brewing owes $25,590 in unpaid rent.

With late fees and interest that figure could be almost $60 thousand dollars.

On April 16, a Confession of Judgement was entered in Lancaster County District Court, stating that Robbers Cave, LLC is entitled to direct the "Sheriff of Lancaster County to remove Blue Blood from the premises."

Thursday, customers continued to show up to the brewery. Many of them did not know that the brewery was closed.

"I'm really surprised. I think was here maybe two weeks ago with a group from work and we had a great time and it looked like they had plenty of people," said Christy Phillips of Lincoln. "In fact, we didn't even get to see the cave because the tour crowd was so busy that day. So it feels like they had enough customers."

Addresses for Robbers Cave, LLC and local real estate and construction company Manzitto are listed as the same. They tell 10/11 they will not be commenting on the matter.

Another hearing was scheduled for Thursday morning.

“We sincerely apologize to our employees who have not been given sufficient opportunity to look for new employment as we had planned while negotiating through the sale. We thank you, Lincoln, for eight years of friendship and support, and encourage you to visit your local taprooms and support your neighborhood businesses,” the Facebook post says.