Parents send kids off to kindergarten at "Boo Hoo" breakfast

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LINCOLN, Neb. This morning was emotional across Lincoln for some parents who sent their children off to the first year of school.

At Campbell Elementary about 60 parents gathered at the "Boo Hoo" breakfast and watched on a big screen as their kids kicked off kindergarten in the classroom.

One Lincoln mom says watching her only daughter start school brought all kinds of emotions but she was happy to attend a breakfast and meet her daughter's new principal.

Sara Willis said she was glad she was able to see her daughter's first moments of school on the screen at breakfast. Willis said, "I was very relieved, looks like she's having a good time, she was brave this morning and I'm happy and grateful for Campbell for doing this event this morning."

The principal of Campbell Elementary School, Julie Lawler, said she came up with the idea to hold a "Boo Hoo" breakfast at Campbell in 2012 and then LPS decided to expand the idea to other schools.