Book series about farm life offers new edition

Published: Apr. 16, 2020 at 12:13 PM CDT
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It's been a few years since we last profiled Sheridan and Rianna Chaney and their children's book series. Despite growing up some, the two are still busy with their books, as they shared in a recent virtual interview with us.

"The main mission we are trying to accomplish with our children's books is to display a positive message about the agriculture industry," Sheridan Chaney said. The books cover many farm topics. "Most of our books are about beef cattle, and we also talk about dairy cattle," Rianna Chaney said. "In one of our children's books, it's actually a dairy-based book, and it features the different breeds of dairy cattle."

The idea for a book series began several years ago with their mom, Becky. She and her husband had moved from Maryland for an employment opportunity at a ranch near Elwood. That opened up a new world. "My degree is in ag journalism from the University of Wisconsin," Becky Chaney said. "I thought, well, I'm working full time as a journalist, and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to utilize my talents and share with the public what my girls are doing on the ranch."

The family began producing the books when the girls were four years old. "What we would do is our mom would go out and take pictures of me and Rianna just doing our daily chores on the farm," Sheridan said. "Later, we would go back and look at the pictures and talk to our mom about what we were doing. She would edit that into the text for the book. That's mainly where it all started." Now, the twins are taking their own pictures and adding their own text. And, there's a new book.

"Our most recent book is called 'Better Together: Digging it with dairy and beef, building healthier bodies and brains,' and this book is to help inform people about how dairy and beef combined can help you," Rianna said.

The book series is geared toward elementary kids. "The way we write our books, it just has an easy explanation of all the stuff we do on the farm and the ranch, so younger kids can understand it," Sheridan said.

The twins say they've launched their own website called They also continue to blog about life on the farm and ranch. It's all an effort to get more people aware of how food is produced. "We are really trying to bridge that gap," Becky said.

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