Books highlight subtle beauty of Nebraska

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 2:03 PM CST
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Two photography books created by a rural Lindsay man capture the beautiful scenery of our state, and they also serve to inspire.

We visited with Roy Zach at his farm recently. He says the project all started when he was testing out the camera on his smart phone. "I would show the pictures to relatives, and they'd say, maybe you should have them printed or framed," Zach said. "Then I was in a lawyer's office in Columbus, and he suggested that I look into self-publishing. So, I started looking into that. I submitted work to Christian Faith Publishing and they accepted two of three things I submitted, so that's how it began."

There are two books. One is called "God's Glorious Creation", and the other is called "God's Glorious Creation: Vibrant Views". They feature pictures from the year 2015. "The first book 'vibrant views' is more portrait-oriented type of photography. The other deals more with landscapes," Zach said. "Most of the pictures come from right around our farm here."

Zach hopes that the books help people realize the good things that are in the world. "I've been through some times when things weren't great," Zach said. "Just going out in nature refocuses you. When you get depressed about what's around you, just get back to nature, look at some of the most intricate things God has created and that will bring you back to a better state of mind."

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