Bulu Box works with Disney, other big-name clients

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Lincoln company Bulu Box has been delivering "Christmas in your mailbox" for the last 7 years, but now they're partnering with Disney and other big-name brands as subscription boxes become more popular.

Disney is just one of the big-name brands working with Lincoln-based Bulu Box.

"A lot of people have Amazon boxes when they get home right?" said CEO Paul Jarrett. "It's 20 percent of all sales and that grows 3 to 8 percent every year. So retail is finally doing what they probably should've done 10 years ago. Now they're just looking to go direct to consumer."

The Disney boxes are based around Disney princess characters. Each box contains the iconic outfit of the princess, animal sidekick, a story book and other fun things.

Jarrett said the Disney boxes sold out in minutes after being released. He said more companies are leaning toward adding subscription boxes to their "toolbox." Said Jarrett:

"Those partners that have the best in the world brands, and we can help make them money and collect data, why would they not want to work with somebody that can help make them money?"

Bulu Box is also working with brands like Clorox, Crayola, Buzzfeed and Lululemon.