Bulu opens a second warehouse in South Lincoln

Published: Mar. 15, 2018 at 5:24 PM CDT
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Bulu has opened it's second warehouse near 14th Street and Pioneers Boulevard. In 2017, CEO Paul Jarrett said they increased their amount of employees by 76-percent.

"We were just busting at the seems at our other warehouse," he said.

The new facility is four times the size are their other one and with it came 100 more positions.

"If we do what we think we're going to do this year we're going to need some more space," said Jarrett.

Bulu creates subscription boxes for around $10 a month. The boxes contain four to five items like vitamins, supplements and healthy snacks.

"The goal is you're discovering new products, it's like Christmas in your mailbox every month," said Jarrett.

The company also makes boxes for private labels like Lululemon and Onnit.com.

Jarrett said they have several more partnerships in the works they expect to announce later this year.