Burglar gives security camera the 'one finger wave'

Published: Dec. 9, 2016 at 9:44 AM CST
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An intruder with an attitude was caught on a home surveillance near Lake Cunningham Wednesday. It's his clear derogatory gesture that's angered the homeowners the most.

"He made a gesture to the camera that let us know that he knew about it,” said homeowner Michelle Chartrand.

Michelle believes he was completely aware he was on camera, and that's what creeps the owners out the most, that he simply didn't care.

"He was very calm the entire time," said Michelle.

Video shows the suspect pull right in and check to see if there are cars in the garage at the front door. He rings, knocks and tries to open the door all the while smoking his cigarillo. Then it's off to check the back of the home.

"He looked almost directly at the camera at one point,” said Michelle.

He tries to kick the glass door in and when that doesn't work he goes to the one entrance that didn't have a camera.

"The double doors in our basement had been kicked through…yeah,” said Michelle.

Her sense of security is somewhat shaken. As he goes to leave, possibly upset that their alarm had blown his cover, he says 'goodbye' with just one finger.

"I think that was probably what made me the most angry,” said Michelle.

He was brazen enough to not only destroy their property but to leave them with this final salute. Their biggest question? Why didn't he take anything.

"We don't really know,” she said.

He didn't even grab the packages that were sitting at their front door.

"It just goes to show the level and extreme that some people will do to get into your home. It's kind of unsettling,” Michelle said.

Michelle is glad they had surveillance cameras to help spot the burglar. She says the last thing she wants is this to happen to someone else.

Michelle wants to remind neighbors to lock doors, keep entrances well-lit and to set alarms. The man's license plate could not be seen on Michelle's camera but luckily, a neighbor may have captured some footage. The Douglas County Sheriff's Department is investigating.