Business recovers six months after historic flood

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Friday marks six months since the March flooding devastated parts of Nebraska, causing billions of dollars in damage, destroying homes and changing lives.

(Source: KOLN).

10/11 NOW revisited Columbus, one of the harder hit communities to see how the rebuilding process is going.

During the flooding 10/11 NOW spent days in Columbus as people were evacuated by helicopter and rescued by air boats.

Then, CK Grill & Bar, formerly known as TK Pit Stop, was surrounded by rushing water.

"It was overwhelming; I don't have any other words for it,” said co-owner, Chelsea Kallembach.

Chelsea Kallembach had just bought into the grill and bar in January.

She first saw her business underwater in a 10/11 NOW Facebook live.

She called the devastation gut wrenching.

"You know, basically put my heart and soul into it and now I don't know what to expect when we walk in,” said Kallembach.

Once the water receded and they were able to get back into the business and that's when the nearly five month long rebuild started.

"We had to build studs and re-do shelving, and walls and it was literally like starting a build from scratch,” said Kallembach.

Kallembach did her own Facebook live videos showing just some of the destruction the water left behind.

She officially re-opened the doors on August first and for the first time Kallembach had hope.

The building once full of water, was now full of people.

"I never though that I would have to go through something like this. But to have the support from my family, friends and the community is absolutely incredible,” said Kallembach.

Right now CK Grill & Bar and the surrounding area may look untouched, but a small red “Nebraska Strong” sticker shows, they will never forget
"The future is bright, really bright,” said Kallembach.

Just this past week, the grill and bar held a St. Patty’s Day celebration called, "Let’s try this again".

The owner says right before the flooding, they received their shipment of corned beef and cabbage. They got it out of the restaurant and stored it so people could still celebrate when they re-opened.